The Gathering

So I’ve recently started to get back into playing Magic the Gathering, a collectible card game, in which I like to describe as a mix between poker and chess. Mainly because I still think it is hilarious, the way I ended up getting back into Magic was when I was walking up the stairway heading to my apartment and happened to look into my downstairs neighbors window that was wide open. I saw four grown men sitting around a table playing cards on a Friday night. Normally, this wouldn’t be considered uncommon other then the fact I recognized the each players card layout on the table and there were way too many cards out to be poker. I immediately recognized the signs of Magic. I followed up with my neighbor the following day in which he confirmed my suspicions.

Four months later and having spent more money then I would like to admit here I am. I had originally played back in middle school and high school but not having a job or a means of income throttles your ability to have a successful deck and a decent collection. I’ve rebuilt my collection with the latest cards and have recently started getting back into the tournament scene, where my real passion lies.

The video below, although cheesy, includes basic information about what Magic really is.


MtG Finder

So I’ve “developed” an idea for an application for a mobile device called Magic the Gathering Finder. It’s main functionality would include a way to find local events, places to purchase MtG, find other player looking for casual playing, initiate trades, and find singles for sale. I believe it would consolidate a lot of the searching necessary to find all this information on the web and would make it easier for people to find thoseĀ  cards they are looking for or just find people who want to play.

The left side is how the finder would display search results. The right side is the search engines options for what you desire.

The Beginning


However appropriate “Hello World” is for anyone that has learned a programming language it is no way to begin this blog. I have an unsatiable interest in video games across all platforms but mainly on the original, the PC. It led to my inevitable interests in the inner workings and uses of the computer. However, this blogs main focus will be on gaming.