Tournaments Update

I’ve recently attended some local tournaments where I’ve had some success since my last tournament posting for Magic the Gathering. I attended a Grand Prix qualifier for Salt Lake City here in Austin that I ended up winning, the prize being a couple hundred bucks in prizes and an invitation to Salt Lake City to play in a large prize tournament.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend due to school and flights being ridiculously expensive (Mormon prophet convention that weekend, seriously?!?!?). Nonetheless I was very proud and thrilled to know that my skills were sharpening to have beaten some of Austin’s finest.

The following weekend I attended a Pro Tour Qualifier in which the Prize was an expenses paid trip to Barcelona in mid-May for the Pro Tour. The Pro Tour is where the money and recognition is, and that would be the apex of my Magic tournament experience if I were to get invited to one. The tournament lasted from the early morning until late at night with hundreds of people battling for the coveted prize. There were roughly 10 rounds of play, and then a top 8 cut to single elimination rounds. I ended up getting 9th and just barely missing the top 8 with 5th-9th all having the same scores but I missed due to tiebreakers. It was a great experience and was glad to have taken part of it although my brain was completely mush after such a long day of battling wits.


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