Social Medium

I can’t believe I hadn’t started using them sooner is all I have to say. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with Twitter and the connections that you are able to make with people that you probably never would have had an opportunity to do so with is amazing. The ability to directly message someone and ask for advice or respond to a thought or question is empowering.

Although I’ve never been that great at expressing my thoughts and translating them to text I can see the advantages and the addiction of blogging. If only I could take advantage of the strokes of inspiration I sometimes get to do so, and overpower  my self-destructive procrastinating ways . Blogs account for a large portion of my actual daily reading lists and I never really knew it, although a large portion of bloggers are associated with larger sites its easy to forget that they are people just like me with strong opinions and passions that were discovered and proactive. I plan to use my experience with technology and my growing social media skill sets in conjunction to actually create content aside from code and one day I hope that I will share the passion of those fighting the good fight, and for that I thank you Dr. Royal.


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