Friday Night Magic, Part 2

Nic and I parted ways as the next rounds pairings were announced, we wished each other luck and headed to battle. This round I was paired against a fellow who admitted it being his 8-9th time playing Magic so I automatically assumed this may be an easy match, relief. Joel was his name and he was playing an aggressive red and green werewolf deck that attempted to overrun me early in each game. Luckily for me, my blue and black zombie was well suited to handle his early rush for my 20 life points with a lot of early removal of his werewolves and in both games I beat him with my combo to send my game-winner Mikaues to the graveyard and reanimate him cheaply.Overall Joel played well and could have fooled me with his solid play decision and near flawless play. In the end, we shook hands and I reconvened with Nic to find out he won his match as well.

My next match was not very memorable and honestly couldn’t recall more then beyond the guy eating a very large bag of fun yuns and getting crumbs all over the battlefield. I ended up winning and subsequently had a “bye” and a “draw” the next 2 rounds and cruised into the top 8.

The top 8 is single elimination rounds so one loss and you’re done so the pressure was on. My first match I didn’t catch the gentlemans name but he had a nice way about him. He was playing a Delver deck that had been doing very well nationwide lately and I had anticipated playing against such a deck so my sideboard was prepared. It definitely came in handy as the match went to game 3 and each one was very close. The end of the match was dramatic as everyone was watching us play and we were the last 2 playing, I ended up winning on my turn by a (very) lucky draw that cleared his army out and left room for me to finish off the beats.

I ended up losing in the semifinals to a guy that probably could have been a good friend in another life, Chris, we played and continuously talked about life, technology, and Magic. I still think he was trying to distract me but that’s ok considering he ended up winning the tournament, overall I had a great time and was satisified with my overall outcome and am looking forward to many tournaments to come.


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